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Selections subject to change due to late scratches, track condition, unanticipated track-bias, or other emergent factors. (And then there’s our shameless waffling.)


Mon, Sept 25

3) Goldhunt: Monied twice Delaware lawn, on ticket both local tries; switch to more patient jock potential game-changer after pair of bold interior bids sapped late thrust; grass only

6) Haynesfield Best: Drifted just enough 8/30 to concede rail passage on strip favoring inside trips; returned to chase quick pace in stronger field; speed-type prefers tonite's distance, can front sluggish bunch with energy in reserve

8) Xocoyotzin: No idea what name means, but sure SOUNDS politically incorrect in this particular sport; on ticket at several classier tracks...seems to never sleep twice in same stall, this makes start #7, each at different venue; competitive run key race to 4th power, pace-foe from that would wire next with 78 bsf; marks return of exceptional trainer who garnered this year's Governor's with horse called Fear the Cowboy

Handicapping tip of the day: Try to beat talking heads. Few possess real chops, and the selections of those that do have genuine insight get over-bet.  If the analyst seems sharp and has built a solid rep, absorb local knowledge and learn from the commentary. But play your own picks. It's more fun and gratifying, and you'll get better prices. When Mnr is dark, I grind out steady profits playing other tracks ( focus on just 1 or 2, and treat them like a job).  But the next tv analyst I listen to will be the first. In fact, I kill the sound. And I'm not a lip-reader.        

                   Mark Patterson


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